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Vocational Education has been around for many years, in the form of apprenticeships, trade schools, and community colleges.

Gradually, from the development and implementation of vocational education programs at post-secondary and higher education levels to the recognition of vocational education as a part of Sustainable Development Goal 4 by the United Nations, vocational education became a key economic and social objective for governments world over. Over the years, India has also succeeded in emphasizing the importance of vocational education in policy, however, we have not seen similar success in practice.

The idea behind this white paper is to challenge the current lens and provide a rationale to change it to one that can view vocational education as a broader, more relevant, and integrated part of the overall education system across India

At present, the first step we need to take is to build conversations and literature around vocational education to change its positioning in the minds of students and to help them see the relevance, as well as the potential of specialized education in building stable and fulfilling careers.

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